Dear readers

Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by. If you were looking for, you may be wondering how you ended up on The Rosy Report, which is clearly not While BrowardNET has long been near and dear to my heart, writing about my hometown, the place of my heart and where I grew up (Yes, I am one of those rare native Floridians), it is time to move on. I have been called to serve a bigger, much more global vision and The Rosy Report is a part of that vision.

I am grateful for all the readers over the past five years of publishing BrowardNET, and I hope you will stay with us to see what we publish over here at the Rosy Report. After close to 15 years of reporting on crime, government, politics and municipal news and seeing up close the horrors of our society, I am glad to present to you a reflection of society that highlights all the good things that we accomplish.

I firmly believe in being an activist and in keeping an eye on your government, but I also think that we need a place where we can go to find the amazing things humans are doing around the world. Through my years as a journalist, I began to see that the more the mainstream media published the negative or crime news, the more it happened and it became a cycle of negative begets more negative and this is my way of trying to break the cycle of fear that has become our news. I believe we can do better than this and can create a positive place where we can all flourish.

The Rosy Report is getting ready to take the show on the road and introduce you to cultures around the world and we will publish awe-inspiring, but also soulful, educational, or enlightening content to help you find a better piece of yourself. From amazing entrepreneurs, to stunt devils, to our forages to the moon, to the most amazing pictures and places on Earth, we hope to inspire a bit of awe and we also hope you learn something new every time you stop by.

We have lots of plans for adventures, games and promotions so we hope you’ll stick around and connect with us. We will still have some local stuff, but we hope to share with you the adventures of the world.

Make it a great one!

With love,

Andrea Freygang
Editor in Chief

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