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rosybutterflyThe World Through Rose Colored Glasses – News You’re Gonna Love!

The goal of TheRosyReport.com is to use all forms of media and communications to help elevate the global consciousness. Reaching the personal development, holistic and conscious communities, The Rosy Report focuses on positive, enlightening, cultural and conscious news to help you along your journey.

The story behind The Rosy Report as told by founder Tisha Anne

I was given the book “The Four Agreements
” when I was 17 from a really unlikely source, as books weren’t really his thing but he was so excited about it, so I read it!! I gobbled it up and devoured it in a couple of hours! I was so excited about this book. I could hear the voices of my loved ones while reading this book – my mom, grandfather, grandmother, great grandmother, great aunt, as each one of them had taught me special lessons throughout my life that was compiled in this book of Toltec wisdom. I had fallen completely in love with this book!

I thought to myself “hot dog! We need a bookstore/coffee shop that had nothing but these kinds of books!!! And I’ll call it ‘Rose Colored Glasses™.” All my life I’ve been an energetic dreamer! I would hear “Tisha Anne! Take those Rose Colored Glasses™ off and see reality for what it really is!!”

Of course many years later I’m still wearing them proudly!

I knew even then that I wanted to take classes on this stuff!! At 17 it looked like I would have to be sitting in some third world country with an ancient shaman cause surely they didn’t teach this stuff in America!!! LOL!

Well I was wrong and it came in the form of PSI Seminars nine years later! I took their basic seminar and at the end of that weekend I was like “OMG!! I’m not crazy!! There ARE more people who think like me!!”

The weekend of the basic rates as one of top weekends of my life! 1875 miles to Phoenix we drove! Excited for the weekend I knew I had changed my fathers life! I saw it in him, reaching, and stretching and doing things he had never done before! So I get there late that night but too excited to sleep!

The next day I had my notebook, water and pen and was ready for the class, the doors open and we are greeted by smiling faces! I learned so much about those little voices that run amok in your head and where they come from, and personality types and how to communicate effectively with them! This was some great material. I was so ready for the next day! It’s Thursday evening and the doors swing open to music playing! Some of the people in the class have joined in on the dancing, while others gaze upon the small crowd. The music stops and then it’s time to begin. The classes starts to get deeper as we begin to talk about choices, responsibility, and the weight we carry when we don’t forgive ourselves and just let it go.  By Saturday most of us were dancing, it felt so good to just move to the music. Then we were setting goals and coming up with solutions of our own creation, and realizing just how many solutions out there to one problem! we ended that night with a game that became a benchmark that I will Never forget (I can’t tell you any more than that!)

By Sunday we all felt the love, and the connection that we have with all humanity. We experienced it in such a way there was no denying it because the proof was right there in your hands. And when you didn’t think it could get any better than that, they ended the class with such a moment, a moment that touches your soul to its core, and leaves an imprint on your heart forever! Just the thought of that moment brings tears to my eyes, it’s simply that beautiful… That moment is it for me, it’s my why, it’s why I’m so passionate about the work. If more people had moments like those they would never question for a second whether on not they were loved…

psi seminarsThe awakening that you have, to what is truly possible in your life is absolutely amazing and why I love this work so much!! To watch it unfold from the back of the room, watching others’ lives transform, is an experience that touches your heart forever! I went on and took all of PSI Seminar’s classes – the Basic, PSI 7 women’s leadership, Pacesetters Leadership Dynamics and Principia, each one building on the last like a staircase to the stars!

I was just so excited about these classes I had to tell everyone!! And well, not everyone shared in my excitement. I had pretty much put Rose Colored Glasses™ in the back of my brain, mostly because I didn’t think I could do it, and tried like hell to bring classes like PSI Seminars to the south! Everything I could think of! Nothing worked! So for the longest time I felt defeat and failure. I was so frustrated!

Why wasn’t this stuff working!? I asked a wise friend one day. Her answer: “Do you ever think the reason why you keep getting the ‘no’ is because you were meant to do something bigger and greater?” Greater than what I was already doing!? Was she crazy!? Or so I thought at the time… Because one day in 2010 I woke up and realized that Rose Colored Glasses™ WAS the vehicle to bring this work, not only to the south, but to other parts of the world as well! That this industry was the Industry of books that I was seeing on the shelves of Rose Colored Glasses™!! That this place that I had seen in my head my whole life was so much bigger than I had realized.

But how to get the money for the physical locations? OK Tisha, think smaller and scale this. Website! Yeah that’s the ticket! I have an above average amount of technical knowledge so I got to building this website and I get hacked and had to start all over!! After giving details to many developers I constantly was getting a quote of 50k or better! Apparently even in virtual world, I don’t think small! So now what?top-banner-rose-colored-glasses1

As I’m searching around my computer I notice my web cam program and Windows Movie Maker and begin playing around with that and really like the videos I’m able to create! Visually stunning! Yet breaks every copyright rule for YouTube! Epic fail! However I’ve unlocked a hidden talent I didn’t realize I had which was visual communication. It may have something to do with the fact that my brain thinks in pictures 24/7!!

So I decide I’m going to start The Rosy Report and I’m going to have positive stories from all over the world and I’m going to do them in video format and post them on YouTube! I did a blast through a journalist outlet and received so many emails, files and stories, I literally went through an entire box of Kleenexes reading all this stuff! So as I’m downloading and trying to work with the files in Movie Maker it’s just not working the way I want it to, and then all of a sudden, it crashes! I lost everything!!! My book that was almost ready to send to the publisher, contacts, research, business plans, everything goe! And it’s not like I could pull the information off because it was so far gone, that at boot up, it asked me to restore to factory settings, which writes on top of everything that might could’ve been salvaged! I was so broken hearted!! I worked so hard on collecting all of that data!! I cried and cried! Needless to say Jack Daniels was my best buddy that night!

So I pick up the pieces, get a new laptop, buy some new software for video editing, nice little 8 month learning curve with the new software and we try again.

So during that learning curve, what better way to learn about oneself than to take off across the ocean alone! So I did! Packed up, took off across the globe to London for a week by myself! Got my wallet pickpocketed before I got my baggage, missed my last train two hours away from my hotel yet I left London realizing what a bad ass I was, because I overcame every single obstacle on my own and help was provided along the way when I needed it most.

It’s also where I learned that even the most painful of lessons have the most highest of purposes and that it is “worth all the thorns along the way.”

So after much learning with the new program, I run across a tech incubator who proceeds to tell me that my idea is a bit esoteric for their tastes and that I could do everything I wanted to do with SquareSpace, and also that I needed a business partner. Feeling defeated and crushed, I still had one valuable piece of information: a business partner is needed. But who would that be? The very thought of that made me cringe… Not that I didn’t want to share, it’s just what if they didn’t see my vision? What if? What if? This was my dream, it’s like completely and utterly handing my heart over for the sake of monetary gain? Why doesn’t that feel right? Who could, or would I trust with my most precious of commodities, my ideas…

So I began thinking about who I could reach out to, who did I admire in the business world? So I thought of the perfect person and began compiling the beta episode of The Rosy Report to pitch to them! Beta episode, presentation, laser-etched disk! I was ready! So I presented all this to them and yet they still couldn’t see the vision! Frustrated, yet not surprised, I was getting quite used to the ‘no’… I uploaded the beta episode 2 days later which I realized a few days later that the day I uploaded the beta episode was my dad’s birthday ironically enough! Nice little ‘godwink’ there. I must be on the right track!

After asking a few for their feedback it was almost unanimous! It was too long!!! So I decided to cut it down into blips! And I get to work making the next few and playing around with the features on the YouTube channel unlocking each feature one by one. Carefully! I upload a few more videos and decide I’m going to try for the YouTube partner! I fill out my application and submit it. Three hours later I was accepted! I was completely stoked!! Man oh man was I excited! It totally made my day! And to be accepted so swiftly!! They say on the terms it could take two weeks!! If that wasn’t a sign I was on the right track, I didn’t know what was!!

I’m happily making my videos and posting them but I’m rapidly getting exhausted as I was researching the stories, writing the scripts, filming them, editing, uploading and working out the annotations!

instagramWhew! So that got me thinking how can I get the word out in a fun way! A game!! What kind of game? An out of the box game! Where people take pictures of crazy tasks and upload them to Instagram!! Woohoo! What a fun way to introduce the work to the people! So I get to thinking about where we hold it and having enough room and all that good stuff it takes to pull an event off! So I go to the city and pitch the idea to them and they liked it and said “ok great! we will get back to you on what you have to do and what licenses you have to pull and yadda yadda” so I anxiously await their phone call and attempt to follow up a few times till two weeks later I’m perusing Instagram and notice a flyer for a scavenger hunt using Yelp in the Park! Oh I was pissed!! I threw my phone across the room and started crying! I was so tired of asking for guidance on a goal and then being taken for my ideas!! It was maddening!!! By this point I’m literally on my knees crying, and questioning, “Why do I keep seeing these things and yet they are always outside my grasp!! Send me some help damn it!! I can’t keep trying to pull this off on my own!!” I lay my tear-streaked face down on my pillow and drift off to sleep.

Not long after that I’m scrthe mind pioneerolling down the newsfeed and I’m watching my Women’s Leadership Sister Lisa Prosen, The Mind Pioneer just flourish! She was blooming right before my very eyes! It was beautiful to watch unfold! I was like, “What is she doing?!?” So after further investigation I ran across this woman with the most beautiful jet black hair I had ever seen! Her name was Kellie Kuecha, and she, was the Brand Re-coder! The scrolls and pink had me looking over her page for quite sometime!!

With all the business knowledge she had, I knew at that moment I just had to take her class, Brand Omnipresence!   That she would just know how to take these ideas I had and monetize them! But I didn’t have the money at the time to take her class, so I started thinking, well how can I be of service? I approached her and asked if I could make some videos for her or how might I be of service so that I could take her class? Well that didn’t work because her husband handled all the videos for her! It was all good – I understood.

So I’m going on my merry way, working on The Rosy Report and picking up Brand Ambassador work as well, I’m at a Tassimo demo and I’m explaining the function, wonder and awe that is the coffee machine Tassimo! Now I just love a good cup of coffee so I was tickled pink I had picked up this gig! The guy looks up at me and says “I know why they choose you for this! You really really like it!!” I laughed and told him I seriously enjoy coffee! On the way home that night after the event his comment still lingering In the back of my head got me thinking about all the BA jobs I had picked up over my life time. I then realized why it had been so easy for me to promote PSI seminars! Because it was what I had always done! I had promoted companies such as: Cheetos, NASCAR, Sony, IBM, Intel, Lego, Chanel, Tassimo, Verizon, and so many more! I had always been promoting!

And that’s when it clicked as to what Rose Colored Glasses and The Rosy Report actually was!! It was the Brand Ambassador for the Personal Growth and development industry!!! Ah-Ha!! Exciting stuff!

So I’m working on The Rosy Report with new found clarity! And finding all kinds of great stories to put up! That when I notice that Brand Omnipresence is starting back up again! So I get to work writing Kellie a letter, still trying to figure a way to bring her value. In the process of writing her a letter I decide letters are boring and I’ll make it a video letter!! I take this letter I’ve written and turn it in to video. Frustrated with my equipment I reach out to her husband for some advice, and tells me a wide screen Hd webcam is what I need! So there is nothing I could do right at that moment to fix the thing I’m frustrated about so I continue on. After I’m finished I gave the link to her husband to give to her. Later on that night I’m sitting there chatting with my husband and scrolling the newsfeed and that’s when she posts it, my video letter, I literally sit there with my jaw agape open, tears of gratitude streaming down my face, as comment after comment pops up underneath my video! And that night she gifted me entry into her Brand Omnipresence class! I was so stoked I just knew this eight weeks was going to be a ride!! I went off to meet the sandman as giddy as a school girl that night!

BrandOmniArmed with really great hair and 92 facets, Kellie took you on an eight-week journey of bringing to the surface the “you” that you’ve been hiding from the world! It was fascinating to take the stuff that I already had written and put it in a facet! I was able to see what I already had and what I needed to work on. I left that class knowing I already had a lot of the work done! I just needed to keep going!

But that truly wasn’t the secret to the class. Kellie’s million dollar value is putting the right people in the right room at the right time! And boy did she! During those eight weeks I met and got to know Andrea Freygang, ex government and crime journalist as well as tech savvy. It was an instant connection and we became fast friends. Then one evening I said you know, you’ve got the tech and journalism background to build it and I got the ideas and promotions wanna work together and we split it?  Her reply, “Sure! I think we can come up with something!” I sat there holding the phone for a min while her ‘yes’ registered with my brain.

“Did she just say yes?… I think she said yes, holy shit! She said yes!” Oh my gosh – I was beyond excited!! I wasn’t doing it alone anymore!!

We get to planning, masterminding and implementing! The site is being built before my very eyes and before I knew it we were up and running plugged into social networks even I hadn’t heard of! Holy crap! Never in a million years did I ever think I’d see my vision, in the flesh! And it was only the beginning!

So now we are like “How are we going tell the world about this?”

*DUH* Instagram game!! I never gave the list of tasks out! Let’s revamp the list, add some more tasks and make it so they can play from anywhere in the world!! And we’ll call it The Largest Instagram Game Ever™!! Off on impulse, we get to work on the game and the sponsorship packages!

CYM stars (2)If things get dark, then who better to call than Master Illuminator Sherinata Pollock to light your way! We are on the phone with her and telling her all about what we are doing and she gets all excited and says I know who would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing! Nancy Mathews and Women’s Prosperity Network! Let me talk to her and we will get something set up! Holy crap! I’m totally blow away at how fast this stuff keeps taking off!!

We set up the conference with Nancy and by now my heart is racing so hard it threatens to beat right out of my chest! The conference was awesome and I just fell in love with Nancy! Her kindness and love could be felt right through the phone! She says” I just love y’all’s ideas! Let me talk to my sisters and get back to you!” Two days later, she said yes women prosperity network florida united states mastermind networkingand Women’s Prosperity Network became the first sponsor of The Largest Instagram Game Ever! It was the biggest contract we had ever landed for the Rosy Report and the moment I realized I was worth it. That yes was so much more than money. It was I have faith in you, your desires and your dreams. It was an “I believe in you”…and a benchmark I will cherish forever

Which leads me to where I am right now, in the middle of Nancy Mathews ‘Receiving Your Riches’ 30 day course, and who knows where we will be 30 days from now…

So as you can see, it wasn’t just one class that was the end all, be all that totally transformed my life to see what is truly possible. It was a culmination of many classes and mentors along the way… and it’s the same for everyone else, it won’t be just one. It will be many. And all it takes is an unwavering commitment to be better than you were yesterday…

I am committed to supporting this industry in getting their message out to the world, I’ve made it my life’s work.

Many would say looking at the world through Rose Colored Glasses™ is an unrealistic approach, but I say that it is, in fact, quite realistic. Behold of the rose. Do you not sometimes prick your finger on its thorns as you gaze upon its beauty …Life is no different.

It’s more the thought that the beauty is worth all the thorns along the way….